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Jul 20, 2012 by Byron | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

Blown head gasket and radiator broken on Car?

I was just wondering how much it would cost to fix these (if possible) The car is a BMW 3 series 316i

Price a head gasket kit, including bolts and a recon radiator plus hoses on ebay. If you can't do the job yourself, ring a few garages asking for a fitting cost and head skim and pressure test. Some garages will recommend fitting a new water pump and timing belt while theyre at it. For the garage to supply parts and labour, you won't get change from a grand Oh, don't forget coolant, oil and gasket glue/seal

tike | Jul 20, 2012
BIG P | Jul 20, 2012
if you got change from £300 you'd be lucky
EvelynThe ModifiedDog. | Jul 20, 2012
I'd budget about £600-1000. The head may need skimming at an engineering workshop. Also depends where you go for the work.
Pepper of the Moon | Jul 20, 2012
You'd be lucky to get all the spares for £300, let alone the labour, oil, antifreeze etc etc. The higher end of Evelyns guesstimate is more like it. If it's an older model, consider selling for scrap.
starlight | Jul 20, 2012
it might cost more than the car is actually worth to get it repaired, speak to a garage and ask for advice, get a few quotes and then decide, you could be looking at £1000 minimum including parts and labour etc
anthentherwasi | Jul 20, 2012
1200- 2000
Jul 30, 2029 by Ken | Posted in BMW

sometimes my bmw 316i do smoke any reason for that?

At times it would blow white smoke (steam) out of the muffler when first starting because of condensation. Otherwise excessive water or oil is getting into the combustion chamber which would mean either failing head gasket or head bolt(s) or piston rings are wearing. Check oil levels periodically. Some people live with the oil burning by carrying extra quarts of oil in the car. Typically it's usually 1 qtr a month. Don't worry about it, drive it until the wheels fall off then buy another vehicle.

viggom35 | Nov 19, 2009
whiteboy | Nov 16, 2009
if it's blue smoke then it's burning oil. if it's white/grey smoke then it probably has water in the engine. In any case, unless you know what you are doing. That car is toast!

BMW 316i Rings - Bookshelf

176 pages

BMW E30 Restoration Bible

Creator: Andrew Everett | Reference - 2012-06-01

Isuppose this ought to come underthemodifications section butitis justagood idea tofitone, evenon a cooking 316i.All that axle ... To remove theold bush, cut the oldrubber centre out andthencut throughthe steel outer ring untilit dropsout.

Publisher: M-Y Books Distribution

About this book
A practical restoration manual written by journalist and E30 enthusiast Andrew Everett. Covers E30 models: 316, 316i, 318i, 320i, 323i, 325i, 325e, 324d and 324td, 318iS, M3 & Alpina in saloon, convertible & touring forms. Professional advice also is given on buying a good used model E30 for restoration. 176 pages including 32 in colour.

BMW 5 & 6 Series E12 - E24 - E28 -E34 Restoration Tips and Techniques

Creator: Andrew Everett | Transportation - 2012-11-14

Rebuilds arestillpossible unlike later units, youcan stillget parts from BMW and partslike syncro rings and bearingscan still be ... You need this gearbox becauseit is thelast Getrag 242 with the speedo cable drive the E30 316/316i units did not.

Publisher: Brooklands Books

About this book
A wealth of restoration tips and techniques covering E12, E24, E28, E34, 5 and 6 Series BMWs built between 1972 and 1995. Covers all models from 518 to M6. Advice is given on acquiring a good 5 & 6 Series model, plus tips on restoring, engines, bodywork, trim, electrics, suspension & much more.

294 pages

Motor Vehicle Engineering, Level 2. Tom Denton

Creator: Tom Denton | Business & Economics - 2002-03

REPAIRTIMES B.M.W.) 316i; 316. ... R&R F05 release/withdrawal bearing R&R F07 Flywheel/drive plate R&R F08 ring gear R&R F09 spigot bearing/bush R&R F10 Master cylinder R&R F11 master cylinder ROR F12 rMorvoir (»epar»t«) RBiR ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA

About this book
Tom Denton's book provides all the underpinning knowledge (UPK) required for an NVQ level 2 in Vehicle Mechanical and Electronic Systems. The text highlights Key Words and Learning Tasks to help understanding of all the important issues. Completion of the Learning Tasks is an ideal way of building evidence for inclusion in portfolios.Lots of diagrams, photos and tables are used, making the book easy to use. Most of the text covers motor vehicle technology, but detail about the industry and motor vehicle companies is also included.

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